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Ford improves the voice recognition technology of its smart cars

Ford has announced that its Voice Activated Technology (Ford SYNC) recognizes and responds to 17-language regional accents, allowing drivers to speak naturally to make calls, play music and configure the browser.

Spokesmen of the American multinational have exposed the data, specifying that The accents range from the German of Bavaria to the English of Liverpool, through those present throughout Spain, from Galicia to Andalusia, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

The driver only needs to say a few words to recognize and archive the accent, the informants have pointed out, adding that computer-activated technology has sometimes been less benign with regional accents, requiring users to force their pronouncement to be understood.

People consider, and not without reason, that their accent is a key factor in their personality. Ensuring for practical purposes that you can easily communicate with your vehicle regardless of the part of the country you come from helps to ensure a more comfortable trip.Christof Kellerwessel Global Chief Engineer of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineer for Ford Europe

Regarding other features of the Ford SYNC system –developed in collaboration with Nuance Communications and launched in Europe in 2012– it is worth mentioning that is available in more than 12 million Ford cars and in 17 different languages. Also has been endowed with a dictionary that includes alternative word pronunciations, collected through voice recordings of thousands of drivers from around the world.

Constructing SYNC dictionaries for each language requires that technicians travel to each corner of each country and record the wide variety of existing accents.

And delving into the available languages ​​that vary according to the operating system – they are Arabic, German, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, French, Canadian French, Dutch, Italian Australian English, British English, North American English, Mandar, Mani Taiwan, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese , Russian and Turkish.

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