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First unboxing of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on video

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a paradox in itself; This phone is expected as May water but at the same time we already know practically all its data, including its design. And although the leaks can be very accurate before the presentations, this has left us a little baffled: it is nothing more, nothing less than an unboxing video.

Yes, we know that it is not official information, and that this could be a fake But seeing the unboxing, we realize that all the pieces fit together, and it is very difficult for this video to be a falsehood. Join us and judge you.

The first unboxing of the Galaxy Note on video

First unboxing of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on video

We expected as in all the years that the Samsung Galaxy Note leaks in turn were accurate, but we have reached the point of knowing almost everything about this device. And as expected, there will be no excessive changes since the previous generation. Here is the unboxing:

To start, we see that the box has changed a bit. We still have Samsung's dark blue style, but it opens in a way that reminds us a lot of how to open the Xiaomi Mi MIX. And what we find in this is not turkey mucus.

To start, we have the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 itself, which will keep the 3.5 mm jack and dispense with notch Great news for the fiercest audio fans by jack. The phone follows the line of the Note from last year, changing (fortunately) the site fingerprint reader to a normal location. As a detail, the camera module has been colored so that the square is not black like last year.

First unboxing of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on video

In the contents of the Samsung box brings us a TPU case, which will be worth it until we buy one from us. They will give us some AKG headphones, charger, manuals and wiring and also a micro-USB to USB-C adapter.

There are practically no secrets left for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Personally, I think this phone will not satisfy those who gave the last generation a chance, and we will have to wait next year to see a real evolution of the Note and the S in turn, which will already reach number 10 in 2019.