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Fire Emblem Heroes now available, download the new Nintendo game

As Nintendo anticipated, Fire Emblem Heroes is now available for download on Android. A great game of turn-based strategy.

Nintendo games on mobiles have been coming with droppers, but little by little we see how the most interesting franchises land on smartphones and tablets. Pokémon GO, Miitomo, Super Mario Run… And now Fire Emblem Heroes. The game had a scheduled departure date, February 2, and is now available for download.

Fire Emblem Heroes now available in the Google Play Store

Fire Emblem Heroes now available, download the new Nintendo game

Android has been the first on this occasion. Nintendo anticipated the release schedule for this turn-based strategy game set in the console saga. With a web page where we saw information and details of the game it was only necessary to download it. And the day came, with its added problems: although Fire Emblem Heroes can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, the download of the data is not stable and it is very difficult to connect.

It's getting complicated to download the initial data: too many connection errors

Fire Emblem Heroes for Android puts us in the shoes of the mythical warriors of the saga in a strategy game where we must send our units to combat. The system is in turns and through the scheme «stone, paper and scissors». A combat grid and endless possibilities that turn each game into an adventure.

Fire Emblem Heroes has the usual in-app purchases, but they are not essential to enjoy the proposal. The quality level is very high at all levels. Graphics, interface, approach, music… Nintendo does not make too many mobile games, but it puts the same effort as in its console titles.

A free game that will be guaranteed download success

As we said, Fire Emblem Heroes for Android can now be downloaded. It costs nothing initially and lacks ads. It gives download error in the initial data, but it will be something that will be solved as the demand of the first hours stabilizes. In case it doesn't come out compatible, you can download the Apk from Apk Mirror.