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Final Fantasy 14 passes 18 million players in total

Final Fantasy 14 passes 18 million players in total – TecNoticias, your information portal

The MMO reaches a great milestone.

The MMO has largely followed the path of the dodo. While there are still some ongoing, with the increase in live service titles, the genre has largely vanished. One of the remaining games that still succeeds is Final Fantasy 14. The game is something legendary for many reasons, and now one of them is its large player base.

As Sqaure Enix announced in a new press release, the game has now reached a new milestone. The MMORPG now has more than 18 million registered players according to the publisher. The game has continued to receive updates, such as the last crossover with the NieR franchise, and it seems to be more and more with that kind of number.

Final Fantasy 14 Now available for PlayStation 4 and PC if you want to join the fun. The game should also arrive on Xbox One soon, so keep your eyes wide open for that.

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