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Download the preview of the great Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Camera Photoshop

We were waiting for 2020 to arrive to put our hands on Adobe Photoshop Camera, but the previous one has just been launched on Android So you can try the AI ??that promises to be revolutionary for creating content from a mobile device.

Yes, being a previous one, and almost alpha-beta, we can not expect the best performance and in certain terminals (few are compatible and high-end), the experience ceases to be desired. Even so, you can try it to intuit what it will be to create high quality content from the Adobe camera app itself.

Adobe Sensei in the camera app of your mobile by Adobe


Adobe Sensei is Adobe's artificial intelligence technology which he has implemented in his extensive catalog of programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Lightroom. An artificial intelligence that serves many tasks and in many saves us many efforts. We talked about being able to select objects with a click and thus have the background to create a field blur or simply remove them from the scene.


And so we will find an outstanding experience that gives this new app and how about everything it offers now, it can be one of the best to create high quality content. We are going to show you some examples playing and playing with filters.

And it is now when you will be able to try the previous one that we are going to share so you start to see what Adobe Photoshop Camera is about, and we talked about a few weeks ago.

What is the previous Adobe Photoshop Camera


First we will download the APK:

  • Adobe Photoshop Camera: APK

With the APK we install the app and we can log in with our Facebook, Google or Adobe credentials. We have to warn that the app is a total preview, so the performance may vary.

  • Google Pixel3 / XL
  • Google Pixel4 / XL
  • Samsung S9 / S9 +
  • Samsung S10 / S10 +
  • Samsung Note 9
  • Samsung Note 10/10 +

The viewfinder gives a lot of lag, although in our case (with a Galaxy Note 10+) the performance is optimal and allows us to take captures with the previous one. After editing the photo a posteriori, Adobe Photoshop Camera offers great functions to reduce and increase white, saturation, contrast, brightness, blacks and much more. In other words, not only will you choose the previous one, but then you can leave the final image much better.

What you'll find in the Adobe mobile camera app


The main screen is characterized by the viewfinder and the trigger located at the bottom of the camera. On one side of the trigger we have access to filters and the other the button for the image gallery. At the top we can access the button that gives us the way to download more filters and options.

The filters are very varied and we can change between them with lateral gestures. The truth is that there is a great variety and one that we have played with is double exposure. With a little practice you could create images of great beauty and quality. We give you some examples for you to see.

Double exposure

Surprising a lot like when we took a picture from the gallery Adobe Sensei is able to improve it depending on the picture. If you find that the background is darker, you will only modify that part of the photo so that it has greater harmony. In the following photo you have the untouched on the left, and the retouched right:

Adobe Photoshop Camera