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Count to Ten, Learn the Numbers with this iPad App

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<p>Mathematics is always a hard nut to crack for children and the best way to learn them is to play. Count to ten is an iPad application with which <strong>children can learn the numbers from 1 to 10 playing with animals</strong>. The penguins teach you to count, the moles to write, the blanket to recognize each number and your friends the elephants will teach you to group them by quantities.</p>
<p>In addition, children will get rewards while overcoming exercises and will be much more motivated to face new challenges. Parents will be able to see first-hand the progress of their children thanks to the specific control panel for adults. All advantages, what are you waiting to download it?</p>
<h3>Count to ten: learn numbers with Montessori HD, a great educational App for iPad</h3>
<p>The application Count to ten for iPad has four different groups of exercises where different animals show you the numbers from 1 to 10. <strong>All classes are guided by the famous Seven Academy teacher, Montessori</strong>, to explain how to do the exercises of each animal ecosystem.</p>
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We have tested the app. Here is the test:

The application Count to ten: learn the numbers with Montessori HD is an educational application for iPad for children aged between three and six years. The app offers progressive and fun learning through games with different animals. In addition, children win prizes while advancing their learning and that motivates them to overcome new challenges.

Parents also tennis a place exclusively for you and so you can follow the progress and learning of your children. You will only have to register with your email or synchronize your Facebook account and you will instantly be able to access all the information through the Seven Academy website. Download this fantastic application and share your opinions with us a few lines below.

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