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Chau plastic tube: they create a toothpaste shaped like pills

This is the dentifrice available in a pill, a format that avoids the use of single-use plastic tubes

Toothpaste is one of the everyday elements that, like the toothbrush, are under the magnifying glass because of the immense amount of
plastic that accumulates in landfills and in the ocanos. While some evaluate the use of
Accessories made of natural fibers and bamboo, the input used for dental brushing does not have an alternative option, since it is stored and distributed in flexible plastic tubes of a single use.

To solve this challenge, Mike Medicoff and Damien Vince decided to try different combinations of ingredients until they managed to create
Change Toothpaste, a pill that solves in a practical way the storage of toothpaste "More than 900 million plastic tubes of dentifrices end up in fillings and ocans, with a material that takes 500 years to degrade. That's why we develop these pills that do not they require this type of packaging, "the creators said on their site.

The development process of Change Toothpaste


Medicoff and Vince ensure that the pills are safe for both adults and children, and were developed together with dentists, although they still do not have the approval of health regulatory agencies.

Toothpastes are available in a recyclable paper package, and their ingredients are natural, such as erythritol, xylitol, sodium bicarbonate and menthol, among other components. They contain no flower, gluten, dairy products, nuts or soy, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Its use is very simple, since it only requires chewing the pill and using a moist toothbrush. Available for sale on the website, the package with 65 Change Toothpaste pills costs $ 9.95.