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Brawlidad, the biggest update of Brawl Stars

Brawlidad, the biggest update of Brawl Stars

Ready for everything to bring Christmas in Brawl Stars? Because Brawlidad has arrived with a lot of new things: brawlers, aspects, game modes and more. So stay with us because we tell you all about the Brawlidad, the biggest update of Brawl Stars.

It seems that Supercell has thrown the house out the window, because has closed December in style. And not only in Brawl Stars, but also in Clash Royale and its Season 6, Clashvidad.

Everything you need to know about Brawlidad, the biggest update of the year 2019

2 new brawlers in this Brawlidad

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In this December Brawl Stars finished fulfilling its promise of a new brawler for each month. Well they have brought Bea and Max, the two new brawlers of the game.


Bea is a fantastic bee that shoots a sting from a distance with her gun. Is a brawler Mtico.

  • Basic attacks: shoot a sting at a distance with your gun, if you hit your target, the next basic attack will be stronger.
  • Sper attack: shoot a swarm of bees that go through walls and slow down rivals.


Max is the new sper hero who arrives at Brawl Stars. Is a brawler peak.

  • Basic attacks: Quickly fires a flurry of bullets with his laser gun.
  • Sper attack: Increases your movement speed and that of allies that are within the range of the Sper attack.

With respect to Bea and Max's Star Skills, there is still no information on these.

3 new pirate aspects this Christmas

The pirates have come to take over all aspects of the brawlers. In this opportunity these are the characters with new aspects:

  • Little pirate.
  • Corsair Colt.
  • Captain Carl.
  • LadyBug Bea.
  • Sper Max.

New game mode

The new game mode will be Present Plunder, a combination of Capture the Flag and Baln Brawl. That is to say, you should steal the chest with money from the enemy area and take it to your area. Whoever does it twice wins the game.

New environment on the Brawl Stars maps

New environment in the Brawl Stars maps "width =" 1200 "height =" 400

Finally, although this update is for Christmas, the atmosphere of Brawl Stars completely changes to a pirate ship. Now the Brawl Stars game modes will be inside this ship, something similar to what happened with Retrpolis.