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"Blur background" the new Google Photos tool

Google photos blur background

The last months we are on a roll in terms of important updates in many of the most important applications. Once again, it's up to date with a new and expected feature to Google Photos. From this new update we can use the background blur To improve our photos.

He bokeh effect basically consisting of blurring the background to get a highlight of the foreground of a photo He became ultra famous thanks to the appearance of dual cameras. an effect also baptized as "portrait effect" by Apple which became ultra popular with the launch of the dual cameras.

Portrait effect on your mobile without dual camera

Such was the boom in photos with the bokeh effect that a large sector of manufacturers rushed to create dual camera devices. And they did it only and exclusively with the intention of taking advantage of a fashion, which today seems not to be temporary. Having a smartphone with a dual camera assured us to have photos with a really striking finish.

Over time we have seen how the software has evolved to the point of not needing a dual camera or with large focal aperture to achieve this effect. A clear example of this is the tool which will implement Google Photos with the new update. "Blur background" it will serve us just to get that desired finish in our photographs.

Blur background effect

"Blur background", for now only for Google Pixel

At the moment we do not know when this tool will be available for all Android devices. The blur background tool it has reached in principle only the Google Pixel as part of an update. If you have a Google Pixel you will receive a notification when you have this tool available. And it is expected that very soon it may be available to other users.

One detail to keep in mind is that the background blur effect cannot be applied to all photos. In order to use it, the Google Photos application itself will activate (or not) the option. As a general rule we can use it in photos with well-defined close-ups that allow easy highlighting in contrast to the background. Is it the option you were waiting for?

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