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Apple avoids the new tariff on iPhone, iPad and Mac

iPhone 11 pro

Apple finally breathes calm, at least as far as the tariff taxes that President Trump wanted to apply to products made in China are concerned. An agreement was announced yesterday that would allow Apple to avoid these tariffs. Although Apple had already taken action on the matter and even affirmed that it would assume the amount of the increase that they supposed, last October Tim Cook himself affirmed that he felt confident that an agreement would finally be reached between both countries. And don't be wrong.

$ 150 ms for iPhone

If the tariffs have been applied, on average the iPhone will have risen up to $ 150 per device. A very important amount that would have wreaked havoc on Apple numbers in any case. If the company had finally assumed the cost of these its shares are estimated to have dropped 4%, and if instead this tax had an impact on its final consumers, reports indicate that Apple will have lost between 6 and 8% of its sales.


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An agreement that will be extended to the rest of its products

Although the iPhone, the Macbook and the iPad were the products on which these taxes would have passed, now that an agreement has been reached on the matter There are other Apple products that are paying tariffs that could benefit. We are talking about well-sold products, such as Apple Watch or AirPods, although the iMac also affects the HomePod and its components, for example.

Tim Cook has dealt with this issue closely and personally with the president of the United States. We know that it was also one of the topics discussed in last November's visit to the Mac Pro factory in Texas carried out by the President and CEO of Apple. This has been critical to Tim himself, who was defending the interests of his company, although for this he had to approach positions with President Trump.