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Animojis arrive in Xiaomi with the Mi Moji app (APK)

When the iPhone X was presented, the eyes were directed to its great notch. It was not the first smartphone to integrate it but of course it was the first to use an advanced facial recognition system.

This recognition is mainly used to unlock the terminal by scanning our face, but it is also possible to use it for other things. More playful. And there the animojis came into play.

Apple's evolution of emoticons caused a stir for a few months and the main brands copied them. Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi launched their proposals. Today we bring you the app APK of this latest manufacturer.

Creating our own videos

The first thing we have to do is install the application allowing the installation of unknown sources, having downloaded the APK from this link.

When we open the application we can choose between several characters, some of which resemble those of Apple.

If we keep the record button we can create a video with the voice message we want, and then we can save it and send it by the application we want. It is important to note that to share it we have to export it as a video before, since by default it only allows us to send it natively to four apps used in China, but not outside the country, at least for the most part.

Two types of voice

The grace of this app is to record personalized messages saying what we want and we can use two voice modulators, one male and one female, although if we prefer we can not use any and leave the voice by default.

Facial recognition has yet to improve a lot and the results are sometimes funny and sometimes more scary than anything else. We've tried it on a PocoPhone F1 and it seems that for now the app does not use facial recognition available to the terminal so maybe when we implement it we have a substantial improvement in quality.