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All notes of PUBG Mobile patch 0.16.0: describe it now

PUBG MObile 0.16.06

Now you can download the patch of the new version 0.16.0 of PUBG Mobile and that will allow you to enjoy some noveddaes such as the new racing mode, the Christmas theme and another series of details that are more than interesting.

With regard to the issue of hackers, there is a very important novelty that is going to stop many of them: you can no longer see the games of high level players While you're one bass. The explanation is shown below, but it has a lot of logic behind it. Go for it.

New racing mode: RageGear


All the news of this new mode are collected like this:

  • Players will be divided into two teams and will be randomly assigned as driver or triggers
  • Destroy the enemy vehicles to win
  • Each vehicle has powerful weapons installed, including Gatling, a crop and an RPG.
  • The driver can also shoot while driving


  • Receives RageGear exclusive objects for a distinctive effect on tactics
  • RageGear – TDM mode: destroy a vehicle enemy by a point. The team that achieves the objective score wins
  • Pick UP mode: the team that first collects the required number of box points wins

The rest of the notes

Classic Mode – Snowy Paradise

  • The players have opportunity to enter the Snowy Paradise when they go to play Erangel in classic mode
  • Once players enter to play, they will be able to take cable cars in the snowy mountains and snowboard


EvoGround – Loadout

  • Added Loadout: players can now Enter the arsenal system from the Deathmatch team selection screen and access the inventory screen to edit the weapon and the items it will bring to the game. Loadouts can be exchanged for free when Team Deathmatch is entered and when respawn is made.
  • The variety of weapons and other resources that can be used in loadout It increases according to your Evo level. Each type of weapon has its own level of expertise and that players can increase when they unlock accessories
  • The weapons, ammunition and other resources that are generated at the starting point on the Team Deathmatch map will be eliminated. By default, all weapons that are dropped by an enemy when it dies will have all the accessories

Update for Third Person mode

  • A button to change the first person view mode has been added in TPP in classic, arcade and training camps
  • Press the button to switch to FPP or first person mode when you are in a third party game
  • The button can be moved or even disabled in the settings

Heal yourself while moving in classic mode

  • The different types of medicines and enhancers can be used while moving one: medical kits, energy drinks, first aid kits, adrenaline syringes and some others in other ways
  • The movement speed is reduced when these objects are used

Classic mode – constant cure

  • The bandages can be used continuously to restore life

Ornaments in the backpack

Christmas events

  • He same type of ornament is used for backpacks level 1, 2 and 3 the same type
  • The ornaments swing naturally after hooking them to the backpack

Restriction of viewer per level (anti hacker measure)

  • Low level players may not be spectators of the games of high level players
  • Prevents hackers from benefiting from this feature

And we explain it well: some hackers have two accounts. One, and the one they have active with all hacking systems, they use it to see themselves in the games. That is, they act as spectators of themselves. While the other account, and the one without hacks, is what they use to play. In this way, with the low level account they are able to see the location of all players as well as objects.

Fire Restrictions Friend

  • Players can now choose prevent the teammate who hit them or killed them can take your items in your death box
  • Report a teammate by friendly fire to prevent that teammate from doing other actions during the game such as moving.

Sliding settings

angry Birds

  • The adjustment for the sliding or sliding movement is added
  • The feature can be enabled or disabled from Settings
  • Once deactivated, sliding will not be activated in Team Deathmatch mode.

Theme Gallery

  • The gallery will now show resources from the last two seasons to make it easier to collect and search for things
  • Players will receive a reward once they collect all the items in the Theme Gallery

Play after a game

  • After players alone complete a game, you can invite the rest of your classmates to play another
  • Those who accept the invitation can now return to the Lobby and group with the player

Add friends after finishing the game

New mode

  • After completing a game, players can now press and use the Invite a Friend feature under your own avatar on the results page
  • When the function is used, the partners will see the invitations sent by the players
  • Peers can add directly as a friend without waiting for the player to verify it again

Auto-buffer feature – Performance

  • Activate auto-buffering in settings to detect Automatically the combat frame rate
  • If the ratio is too low, it will help players decrease the quality of the graphics so that the combat is fluid

PUBG Christmas