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Activate the developer options on Android and know its advantages

Android Development

If you have ever wanted to make some kind of advanced modification on your Android mobile software, such as rooting your device or installing a ROM, or any other type of change that requires modifying some element of the operating system, you will probably already be familiar with developer options.

As Google itself explains on the official Android page, developer settings they are a hidden section within the System Configuration app on Android, dedicated to the creators of apps can configure certain system behaviors, which can help when develop and debug applications.

However, over the years this setting menu has been receiving more and more options, some of them useful even for users on footas you and me. Therefore, today we have decided to develop a guide in which we will explain step by step how to activate developer settingsand what advantages we can find by keeping this Android function active.

How to activate developer options on your Android

Root on Android

The process to activate developer options is simple, and it doesn't matter what system version your device runs; The steps to follow are basically the same in all versions of Android. However, depending on the manufacturer of your device, the menu from which to access the information of your terminal may be in a different section of the system options. Be that as it may, in most terminals, these are the steps to follow:

  • Open the application of Settings or Configuration of your mobile.

  • Go to the section phone information.

  • Find the section called ** build number.

  • Click six times in a row on the build number, until a warning tells you that developer options have been activated.

That's it. However, keeping this option activated does not produce any type of change in the operation of the system. To access the functions for developers, you must return to the main menu of the Settings app, and go to the System section. Ah, there will have appeared a new option that was not available before, called Developer Options.

7 advantages of activating developer options

You have to keep in mind that many of the functions included in this menu are intended to modify the behavior of the system, and therefore once activated they may cause abnormal operation of the device or system. Therefore, it is recommended go with care, and not activate or deactivate those options of which we do not know its usefulness.

That said, once inside the menu of options for developers, we can make use of functions that really bring advantages. Some of them are the following:

  • USB debugging: This option is intended for developers to test their apps on their devices without installing them completely. However, thanks to it it is also possible to perform other processes such as updating our mobile manually, uninstalling the bloatware and many other advanced modifications.

  • OEM unlock: Once you have activated this option, you can unlock the bootloader or bootloader of your mobile.

  • Running services: If you think that any of the apps installed on your mobile is working when it shouldn't, you can see if it really has any process or service running and act accordingly, either by forcing the app to close, or uninstalling it.

  • Demonstration mode: When this option is activated, the notification icons in the status bar will disappear and the coverage, battery or Wi-Fi indicators will appear complete, thus giving the interface a cleaner look. It is useful when you want to take a screenshot without having several different notification icons appear on the panel.

  • Animation Scale: A useful trick with which to accelerate the operation of your mobile is to reduce the scale of animation, from 1x – by default – to a lower rate. Thus, the movements of the interface will be shorter and it seems that the mobile works faster.

  • Smallest width: If you think the screen elements appear too large, or too small, you can choose their exact size. The higher the number entered, the smaller the content is viewed.

  • Force Dark Mode: As of Android 10, you can activate this option so that all applications appear with a dark theme, even if they are not compatible.

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