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A robot that draws on the walls showed up at # CES2019

He CES 2019 It is not only a place where gigantic companies make their presentations, but also, it is an event that lends itself to entrepreneurs who are just taking out their products to present them and earn more public or investment.

In this note we will talk about one of those gadgets that are extremely curious and fun. I am sure that more than one creative person will attract attention the Scribit robot.

Basically it is a robot that is placed by means of two wires hanging on a wall and that has the ability to draw the design that the user wishes; Simply enter an application on the smartphone to upload an image made by us, choose a clip art or download it from the internet.

Once we select our design, the robot will start drawing and in a few minutes our wall will be decorated. The markers that Scribit uses are quite special since they give us the possibility to erase the drawing we have made with the same robot through a method that evaporates the ink from the wall without a trace as they say.

The possibilities are several like: decorate a room, redecorate from time to time, create the mens of a restaurant, put huge reminders and even synchronize it with your networks to draw updates on the wall.

It is certainly a gadget that is curious enough to have at home. The only thing that we find is that it must remain on the wall along with the drawing for the purpose of erasing the design. Can enter here If you want to know more about the product, the rewards of the Kickstarter are over, but hopefully they can go more to the market.

What did you think of this curious gadget? I'll buy? Give us your answer in the comment box, we are reading.