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A pile has stolen Marty McFly's skateboard and it’s cool: Power Hover

A casual game starring a snowboarding pile in the desert. As surreal as fun and with impressive animations.

Thanks to engines like Unity, the quality of mobile games has grown a lot but not everything is graphic and music and design and gameplay are also key.

In Power hover We control a battery that will try to recover the electricity that has been stolen from its people, for which it will have to travel through the desert on a skateboard that seems taken from Back to the Future.

Minimalist design with soft animations

The graphics have a retro touch with the use of the radio cassette and the projection machine that puts the ads if we want to continue the game. We have to recognize that some part of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy has come to mind.

The operation is very simple and we will only have to touch on the right or left side of the screen depending on where we want the protagonist to go.

This will serve both to avoid obstacles that can kill us and to collect the batteries that are on the road. We can also get on pipes and other elements to move forward, achieving spectacular leaps.

The camera movements make the immersion vary, something quite accomplished, to which some pre-recorded scenes that are introduced to tell us the story help.

The game is free although it has advertising, both in the settings screen and between games. However, within the game itself there are no banners or anything that distracts us.

Undoubtedly a fresh proposal ideal to try the weekend and that works on any mobile, in our case in a terminal with a quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM and at no time have we had lags or failures.