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A bit of Samsung's new Galaxy M line

Speaking of ranges, Samsung is a company that in previous years has put aside a bit of its mid-range. We do not want to say that it has not launched devices, but it did, but user references were not very good over time.

For all this, Samsung decided to renew its mid-range with the launch of its new Galaxy M line. Galaxy M10, M20 and M30 they are the three devices with which at the moment it intends to deal with Xiaomi in India, where they have been considerably exceeded although I don't think it's the only place in sales.

The official launch of these terminals comes next January 28, 2019, give in which we will finally know the technical characteristics, official price and surely the dates of your arrival in other regions of the globe.

For now, what you can see is that the terminals will count for the first time in Samsung with a drop-shaped notch. They presume that the double chamber has a large viewing angleas well as the battery will have Enhanced fast charge and large mAh capacity.

The M series has been built and conceived around the millennial consumers of India

  • Asim Warsi, Samsung Mobile Business Manager in India

The sale of the Galaxy M begin in India through the website of Samsung and Amazon India with prices that go from $ 140.00 dollars to $ 282.00 dollars according to Asim Warsi from its launch at the end of the month.

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