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15 most disappointing games of 2019

TAlthough 2019 may not have been the spectacular year in which 2018 and 2017 were, in general, it was still a pretty good year for video games. But although there were many excellent games released this year, in the same sense, there were also many games that, to varying degrees, did not meet expectations.

Here, we will talk about what we feel were the fifteen most disappointing video game launches of the year, before choosing a game from that group that, in our opinion, more than the other fourteen, did not meet expectations.

NOTE: The nominees and the winner were decided by an internal vote held among all TecNoticias staff.



Though Ghost Recon Wildlands It was by no means a perfect game, its open-world cooperative pranks were still very fun, and at least it was at least a good base to build. However, instead of doing that, Ghost Recon breakpoint It turned out to be the worst main entry in the series. Not only did the game not solve most of its predecessor's problems, but it also added a litany of new problems. Everything came together to offer a confusing, messy and enormously disappointing experience.