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15 days with the Galaxy S10 Plus. Is Samsung's new cell phone worth it?


The Galaxy S10 Plus has a double front camera.

Angela Lang / CNET

After its presentation in February, the new Galaxy S10Samsung is already on sale officially in all its versions, and I have had the opportunity to spend two weeks with the older brother of the family: the Galaxy S10 Plus.

For fifteen days, the phone has been with me as the main device and I anticipate that the sensations have been very good although like everything else, there are also some points that I did not like one hundred percent.

What I liked the most

Without a doubt, one of the things I liked the most is the design of the new Galaxy S10 Plus. And it is that – finally – it is shown as a design renewal with respect to the previous model, something that we could not say about the Galaxy S9 with respect to the Galaxy S8. This change is especially noticeable on the front of the cell phone. Here the Galaxy S10 Plus leaves the frames aside and adds a hole in the screen where it locates the front cameras to make the most of it, something that I have been able to do especially when it comes to consuming multimedia content.

These changes are also applied in the back, where the fingerprint sensor has disappeared from the awkward position of the Galaxy S9 – just below the cameras – to be located under the screen.

Thanks to this we have a completely clean rear, just dotted by the three cameras, which gives a more beautiful design.

The power in this phone is also a point that deserves special mention. And is that a cell phone that houses the most powerful processor on the market, the Snapdragon 855, should not disappoint in these terms. And so it has been.

During these 15 days with the Galaxy S10 Plus as the main cell phone, using it on the day without looking, executing multitasking, taking many photos and without giving much rest, it has given me an impeccable performance, free of lags, of sudden closures, and without any problem associated with these terms.

But, what good is good performance without an autonomous height? In the case of the S10 Plus, the autonomy has been in line with the power, and even in days of intensive use, the phone has given me a full day of autonomy without the fear of running out of batteries or the need to charge it.

What I liked least

But since it cannot be all perfect, there is something that although it is not that I have disgusted, it has not excited me at all: the photographic section. While it is true that the Galaxy S10 Plus has a powerful photographic equipment, which we have faced the best cell phones in the market and it has been in a very good position, I expected much more from the NPU (Neural Processing Unit) dedicated to the artificial intelligence that it integrates.

According to Samsung, this NPU is specifically responsible for applying AI to recognize and improve scenes when shooting in automatic mode, but in reality except for portraits of people, I have not noticed many differences shooting with, than without.

Regarding the operating system, specifically One UI, the new interface with which Samsung accompanies Android 9.0, I can say that although it is fluid and does not seem to affect the performance of the processor at all, it is not at all intuitive. Perhaps it is the lack of habit, although after fifteen days of using it I have not finished doing it.


It is clear that it is a star phone, it has everything necessary to compete in the high spheres but although it has undergone changes compared to the previous model and we see a clear evolution against the Galaxy S9, we cannot say that it is a novel phone.

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The entire Galaxy S10 family.

Angela Lang / CNET

For those who are fans of the Galaxy S line, investing the $ 999 (initials) that the phone costs may be an option, but it is clear that the slight differences and the lower price of the Galaxy S9
They can make the latter a much more attractive option for those with a tighter budget.

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