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10 packs of New Year stickers for WhatsApp

The arrival of 2020 is getting closer and you can celebrate it through WhatsApp with the different New Year stickers, a new way to congratulate this special day to your friends, family and with all the contacts of your agenda with what you want to share this congratulation.

The stickers came to WhatsApp very recently, they become giant size stickers that you can send to your contacts. However, the list available in the application is very scarce and you have to use the Google Play Store and the App Store to download more.

They are stickers apps, just download them and then add the stickers to WhatsApp. On Android you do it from a conversation, clicking on the emoji icon and then clicking on the stickers icon, click on + all new ones should appear.

Merry and Bright

Image - 10 packs of New Year stickers for WhatsApp

This is a pack that is already included in WhatsApp for iOS and Android, so you only have to download it from the application as indicated above, in a few moments you will have it available to send the stickers you want.

He Merry and Bright sticker pack It includes Christmas and New Year themes, of this last theme you have a stickers where you see a clock showing just twelve o'clock at night, although you can send any of the available ones.

WAStickerApps Happy new year 2020

Image - 10 packs of New Year stickers for WhatsApp

We start with applications that contain sticker packs, in this case we mention you WAStickerApps Happy new year 2020. As the name implies, it offers a large number of different stickers to send in New Year through WhatsApp.

There are several colors and designs, just choose the one you like once added that pack of stickers. In any case, the theme of all of them is the same, that of congratulate the New Year You are about to arrive or stickers related to this date.

  1. Download WAStickerApps Happy New Year 2020 for Android


WAStickerApps: Happy New Year 2020 Stickers

Image - 10 packs of New Year stickers for WhatsApp

It is not the same application as the previous one despite having a very similar name. Anyway, WAStickerApps: Happy New Year 2020 Stickers It is not far from what other sticker applications offer, in this case, you have at your disposal a large number of them.

Simply download the app for Android and easily add the stickers on your WhatsApp, in fact, you will see the option to add WhatsApp to make it easier for you. Then just enter the galley and see all the stickers about 2020 What will you have now.

  1. Download WAStickerApps: Happy New Year 2020 Stickers for Android