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You can now use the Google Voice Assistant to navigate in Chrome

In English it works perfectly, in Spanish it may take a little longer to see it work correctly, but it can now be activated. We explain its operation.

Use Google Voice Assistant in Chrome

There are people who are already controlling your browser with your voice, without needing to touch the phone. Some functions (not all) that you can do in the Android browser par excellence have been added to the capabilities of the voice assistant of the great G.

In a video that has been shared you can see how it uses actions directly in a Pixel 4 with the Google Voice Assistant, in English, that is.

These are the actions you can do directly with the voice in Chrome from the last update:

  • Open a new tab
  • Close the current tab
  • Close all tabs
  • Go back
  • Go forward
  • Reload the page
  • Save the page in favorites
  • Open history
  • Open downloads made with the browser
  • Search in Chrome
  • Go to a website
  • Open a website
  • Send the web page to a contact

To do this you must activate it from the flags. And how is it done? Well, easy. You will have to go to the address bar and enter chrome: // flags,that will take you to a menu of options that you can activate and deactivate.

We will searchDirect actionsand we will activate it. Of course, if you look a bit, see that this option is only available for phones with Android 10 and up.

chrome google voice assistant

So we will have to wait to receive the latest version of Android to have this option, so in the video we see it moving from a Pixel 4, a phone that has the latest version of Android since its launch.

In this video below we can see other possibilities offered by these new options.

What do you think? Do you think it is a useful option? Or do you think it is an option that remains unused while using your phone with your hands as you have done so far? Comment your opinions. Do you use the Google Voice Assistant a lot? Or do you already have little habit of using it? It is clear that every time you have more options and therefore its utility is getting bigger.