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What is the price of the iPhone 6S in Spain?

So far, the only thing confirmed about the successor of the iPhone 6 is to see the light on Wednesday, September 9 at the Apple event; the rest, they are only rumors or projections of experts that continue to nourish the restlessness of the Apple fans.

Such is the case of a leak, in which the supposed price of the mentioned and expected terminal of the bitten apple is revealed.

What is the price of the iPhone 6S in Spain? According to reports, by the new flagship of the leader of Cupertino (iPhone 6S) 699 euros will have to be paid, in its 16GB version; while for the 32GB, 799; and for the 128GB, 899.

Now, it deserves the penarecordar that everything indicates that the iPhone 6S will be presented next to the iPhone 6S Plus; and then the question will be What is the price of the iPhone 6SPlusen Spain, andAt the moment everything indicates that for this, we will have to disburse 799 euros (16GB), 899 euros (32G) or 999 (128GB).

Faced with this data, it is to be expected that the script will remain that it is not the color that sets the standard in Apple's smartphone cost, but its internal memory capacity.

In that sense, it is worth mentioning that among the predictions about the new iPhone, it is asserted that they will be available in silver, gold and gray. The iPhone in pink, it seems, could be a creation of the imagination.

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