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What do OLED screens offer? LG bets on them in its Smart TV range

What is the OLED technology of which LG speaks so much to us and why does it blindly bet on them in its new range of Smart TV? In an event with a space setting, which had the collaboration of astronaut Miguel Lpez Alegra,LG showed its new range of OLED TVs and explained the reasons for its commitment to OLED screens.

One fact: LG chose the leitmotiv of space since it stands out for its deep blacks. Miguel Lpez Alegra was chosen as prescriber for tell the sensations transmitted by the darkness of the cosmos. The NASA astronaut has already made 10 spacewalks and holds the record for the longest space mission, which lasted 215 days.

Miguel Lpez Alegra, explained that Only thanks to innovation have we managed to travel to space, so it is crucial to continue betting on developing new technologies. Lpez Alegra aadi LG OLED TVs are the only ones capable of transmitting the sensations of my experience in space with the comfort of my living room.

And since LG insist that OLED technology is the only one that can offer the reproduction of pure black, so that the greatest contrast, the most realistic, can only be found in itsOLED TVs.

How does the technology work?

OLED technology is not based on backlit light panels or LCD glasses, such as conventional ones on the market, but are the organic pixels themselves that light up and off independently, They are capable of showing blacks up to 200 times deeper.

Thanks to our continuous efforts in innovation in OLED, we have before us the greatest revolution in image quality from the jump to the color TV says Jaime de Jaraz, President of LG Espaa and aade Only with this technology can you see the pure black that creates infinite contrasts between the shapes, gives depth to the images and intensifies the rest of the colors.

The 4K UHD is also present

The TV models with LG OLED screen that have 4K UHD resolution are the 77EC980V, EG960V, EF950V and EG920V. The 77EC980V is a 77-inch curved TV. The EG960V curved OLED and the first EF950V 4K flat OLED TV are available in 55 and 65 inches, while the EG920V curved model is available in 55 inches.

These last three models incorporate HDR, a technology that in OLED shows deeper contrasts and colors more similar to those seen by the human eye. On the other hand, in the FullHD offer is the 55EG910V curved TV with a thickness of only 4.8 mm.

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