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Weapons, tobacco and vapers are expelled from Instagram

Instagram announced that it does not allow branded content that promotes products such as vaping, tobacco products and weapons.

Our advertising policies have long banned the advertising of these products, and we will begin to apply them in the coming weeks, he warned.

In parallel, complement the Facebook subsidiary, the promotion of products such as alcohol or food supplements require special restrictions.

These guidelines will take effect in 2020, as we continue to improve our tools and detections, detall.

The social network also reported that it is creating specific tools to help creators comply with these new policies, including the ability to restrict who can view their content, according to age.

Through a statement, the company explained that the measure is part of an update of its use policies whose objective is to provide transparency and protection to the community.

Along with the prohibition and limitations, Instagram announced new formulas to support brand content, which includes a test in Facebook's Brand Collabs Manager.

The creators are the cornerstone of the Instagram community. It inspires people around the world, and brand content is one way they can build sustainable businesses on Instagram, seal.

In this regard, he highlighted the @hereweeread account, which recommends children's books focused on diversity and inclusion.

With brand content, Charnaie (its creator) can maintain and reinvest in its passion through partnerships with brands and publishers whose missions align with theirs, relat.

The tool will be available to a select group of Instagram creators, who can share ideas and commitment to brands, and find partners that influence their audience.

With this functionality, creators can also search for related brands that seek to associate in the creation of content, obtain new offers, manage associations and automatically share information, details.

We have also made it possible for brands to see information when they are tagged in brand content both in Brand Collabs Manager and in the Instagram application, he concluded.