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We show you some of the best tricks for Google Calendar

As with Chrome, the Californian company calendar platform is another of the users default services, a tool that allows them to schedule both office and personal events. For this reason, we want to present some of the best tricks for Google Calendar.

tricks for Google Calendar

Like any list, it is not finished, it will be updated gradually with new information, so that anyone has the best experience and increases their productivity in the application.

One-click events

If you use this shortcut in your Chrome browser, you will be ready to add an event quickly, without having to open the Calendar application, which saves time. Once the corresponding window is opened, you only need to fill in the necessary information to schedule it, such as title, date, time and location.

google calendar 2 tricks

Display mode

When you need to be clear about what events you have during the week or what day your birthday is celebrated, it is best to switch to the different views offered by Google Calendar.

  • Da view: press the D or 1 key in the main Calendar interface
  • Week view: press the W or 2 key
  • View per month: press the M or 3 key
  • Year view: press the Y or 6 key
  • Agenda view: press the A or 5 key
  • Custom View: press the X or 4 key

Edit an event easily

It usually happens that you have to move a meeting or change the place where it will take place. Click on the event already scheduled; Once the preview opens, press the E key; in the window that displays, modify the information you have to change and press the button save.

Back to the present

It's easy for you to get lost in Google Calendar, between the various months and events, but, with a simple shortcut, you can return to the current day. To do this, in any of the views, press the T key in the desktop version of the platform.

Calendar change

For those who have more than one calendar, work and family, for example, and add an event that does not apply, it can be changed quickly. The good news is that this feature has just arrived on Android. From the app, you must select the event, press the pencil cone and, in the window that unfolds, click on Events; What follows is to choose the correct calendar.

google calendar 3 tricks

And to have another calendar?

It is possible to add another user's calendar, so that you can see their events and have a better organization. On the desktop, click on Main menu (if hidden), in the three horizontal stripes located in the upper left, go to the section Other calendarsand press the + sign; in the options that are displayed, choose Subscribe to a calendar. In the new window that appears, put the email address of the contact you are interested in having your calendar (yes, this should authorize access).

google calendar 4 tricks

Dark mode

From the Android app, you can activate the dark mode in Calendar, in case you have to use the application overnight from the cell phone. Go to Main menu, then Configuration and then to general; locate the section Theme and, in the options, choose Dark. Ready !, you will have a better view in an environment with poor lighting.

google calendar 5 tricks

Add-ons download

It is possible to complement Calendar with various platforms, such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, RingCentral, BlueJeans Meeting and Jitsi Meet. To do this, you must click on the + sign located in the right sidebar of the main interface (PC). Once the complements are installed, the idea is that the user improves their productivity.

google calendar 6 tricks

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