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We explain how to convert DVD to MP4 easily and for free

We live in a world where we want all movies and TV shows to be available at the fingertips of all electronic devices in our arsenal. Those shelves full of DVD boxes now seem outdated, and they are also an unnecessary waste of space that can be better used for other things. Besides that, for those who don't like reading, a flight or a train trip without having access to a solid library of entertainment can be quite boring. The good thing is that, if you have a collection of DVD movies that you don't want to throw away, there is more than one way to convert them to a format compatible with a wide range of devices. Therefore, here is our guide on how to convert DVD to MP4. The process is easy and free, whether you are using the latest version of Windows or MacOS Mojave.

Note: It is important that you take into account that copying and distribution of copyrighted material is illegal and could have criminal consequences.


HandbrakeThe HandBrake platform is one of the most popular DVD to MP4 converters available today. With wide compatibility because it is an open and free source, the application is a powerful and versatile option. We should mention that HandBrake had a recent problem with malware, but that has already been resolved. This is how you can use it.

Step 1: Download and install HandBrake

Go to the HandBrake website, choose your operating system and then click on the appropriate download link to obtain the software. When you're done, you can start the program.

Step 2: Choose a DVD to convert

HandBrake is quite simple and very easy to use, and as such, keeps most of the advanced options behind the scene until you need them. Fortunately for those who are not comfortable with complicated features, there are only three options you should worry about to convert your DVD to an MP4. To start, choose a DVD through the Open Source button in the upper left corner of the application window.Handbrake Converting to MP4

Step 3: Choose a format and press Start

Next, choose the location where you want to save the resulting file to your computer, and select MP4 from the drop-down box located at Output settings. Then, press the button Start and wait until the software performs the conversion. And that's it!

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi 2Step 1: Download and install Movavi

Go to the Movavi Video Converter page and click on the blue button Download to download it for free, making sure you select the correct operating system. Then open the installer and follow the instructions on the screen. Start the application once installed.

Step 2: Add a DVD

Once the platform is open, click on the DVD format of your file, and then click on the button Add Media at the top of the window. Then select the DVD you want to convert into an MP4.

how to convert DVD to MP4