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This will be the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy flexible

Next February 20th we will have the official arrival of Samsung Galaxy S10, but according to the rumors that abound in the networks the South Korean flexible device will also be landing, the Galaxy F.

In turn, this information has led to the emergence of possible features of this latest smartphone that will surely surprise us both in price and in power and functionality.

The technical specification information has left the German site dedicated to inform about the brand, All About Samsung and will be the following:

  • 4.58 inch folded screen
  • 7.3-inch unfolded screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • 512 GB / 1 TB internal storage memory
  • Triple chamber
  • Double battery with a total of 4,400 mAh

We can say that the screen is not as big as we thought. Wow, if it is larger than a normal smartphone currently, but it is below some tablets. We will say that it is a phablet that can be made more compact. The fact that it has the Snapdragon 855 makes us think that it will have compatibility with 5G networks. About the battery will not be something so surprising, rather enough, but we will have to wait for future performance tests.

How you can see is not much, just and a preview. We will have to keep waiting for the output of more and better information. For now do not forget to take half the truth of all this. Leave us in the comments box what expectations you have about this terminal, we are reading.


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