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These are the rewards for buying apps on Android

Google has been giving us the option to earn some money for a few years (to spend on Google Play) through Play Rewards surveys but today it takes that idea to a new level.

The company has released in Japan the Google Play Points, a new rewards system that we can activate to receive points when we shop at the Google app store.

The idea is that we can accumulate points to make it a balance with which to buy movies, music or applications.

How to activate Google Play Points

As we say, for now this service is only operational in Japan, and we do not know when Spain and Latin America will arrive.

When it does, it can be activated as in the Japanese country. We will simply go to the Google Play Store side menu, where it has the symbol of the three horizontal stripes and select Play Points.

There we select the Join option and we will be in the program. Once we have joined we will have more options.

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How to earn Google Play Points

In order to earn points we will simply have to make purchases within the application. And here they include:

  • Apps and paid games.
  • Shopping within apps and games.
  • Subscriptions to games or apps.
  • Buy books.
  • Buy music
  • Buy movies.

We will also get points for installing and testing certain applications that are compatible with the promotion. The idea of ​​Google is to be able to encourage us to try new things in exchange for giving us some points.

Levels and points that expire

It is important to note that the points serve to reach certain levels based on which we will have more or less advantages.

Those points expire once the year passes so the level will be maintained during that time but then it will be recalculated based on what we obtained the previous year.

It is like a sports league in which we are rewarded in the following season for good, or bad, that we have done in the previous season.

Google Play Points: these are the rewards for buying apps on Android