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These are the best apps to follow Santa Claus to your home

Santa Claus

With Christmas Eve around the corner we bring you a small selection of the best trackers of Pap Noel we have found. Do not lose detail of where the man goes in red to know just when to get home.

1- Santa Tracker – Track Santa

With this application you can know at all times where is Santa Claus and what he is doing at this moment. It also allows you to see a live account until midnight on December 24. By 2.29 we can also unlock the update that eliminates the ads (although the truth is that they are not very intrusive) and unlock all the videos of the activities carried out by Santa Claus until Christmas Eve.

Santa Tracker

Click here to download Santa Tracker – Track Santa

2- Santa Tracker

This tracker turns your child into a whole Spanish. With a radar interface that shows where Santa is, as well as a back account. It has ads and usually they are activated when we change two or after times of screen, but we can unlock the version without ads by 2.29. The most curious thing about this app is that it includes a β€œSanta check-up” mode, in which information is shown as how many letters he has received, how many elves he has hired or how much his beard has grown this year. Data that although they have nothing to do are the most curious to comment. Ho Ho Ho!

Santa tracker 2

Click here to download Santa Tracker

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3- Message from Santa Claus!

This app is well true that it is not to follow Pap Noel, but we include it because we found it the less fun. Simulate a Santa Claus call from the North Pole, and according to how you configure it, you can specify the topics you want Santa to mention. It works very well because it allows a lot of customization for the call, although the only disadvantage is the ads. We can deactivate them with a premium subscription of 1.99 a year, although we believe it is not worth paying to use it no more than a couple of times.

Call Santa Claus

Click here to download Message from Santa Claus!

Have the location of Santa Claus on hand this Christmas with these apps, and if you see that it does not arrive … take advantage and call it !. And you? Have you been good this year? Tell us in the comments!