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The Snapdragon 865 appears in Geekbench apparently in the Sony Xperia 3

Sony Xperia 1

The first reports of the Sony Xperia 3, and Geekbench did not want to be one of those who do not contribute to the accumulation of information on this device before its launch, which is scheduled for next year.

It has been said that the terminal will be high-performance and will feature the Snapdragon 865, which is the new Qualcomm mobile platform that has arrived as the successor to the Snapdragon 855 and 855 Plus recently, and what has appeared in the list of the mentioned benchmark This phone seems to confirm it.

Enter the information we now give as a grain of salt, because The device has been hung under the code name ?PM-1310?. While it is possible to imagine that it is another terminal, we must bear in mind that the Sony Xperia 1 was marked under the code name ?PM-122X?, so it seems true that we are talking about the Xperia 3, although it is not an official information. In addition, Geekbench reports that the motherboard that has this phone is "Kona", the code name of the Snapdragon 865 chip. It also shows the phone with Android 10. The RAM with which the terminal has appeared is 12 GB.

Sony Xperia 3 on Geekbench

Alleged Sony Xperia 3 in Geekbench

The Snapdragon 865 has eight Kyro 585 cores that represent an increase in speed and energy efficiency of 25%, with respect to the Snapdragon 855, and is broken down into the following cluster system:

  • Cortex-A77: 2.84 GHz main CPU + 3 x 2.4 GHz performance CPU.
  • Cortex-A55: 4 x CPU dedicated to efficiency at 1.8 GHz.

The GPU that is implanted in the SoC is the Adreno 650, which also represents a speed increase of 25%, in terms of generations of previous processors, and an increase in energy efficiency of 35%. To this we must add features such as Elite Gaming, focused on improving graphic quality and providing a greater dose of realism in the reproduction of content. Support for the HDR and HDR10 + is also added in games for screens up to 144 Hz refresh rate. The processor that helps match and further enhance things is the Hexagon 698.

Not much else is known about the Sony Xperia 3, but it is expected to come with a 21: 9 screen and other high-end features and specifications that we will know later.

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