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The Mi Pad 2 with Windows 10 is about to go on sale


The Mi Pad 2 with Windows 10 is about to go on sale

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January 25, 2016

My golden Pad 2

One of the most interesting debuts that 2015 left us in its last moments was undoubtedly that of the new My Pad 2 and one of the most amazing things we discovered when he saw the light is that there was going to be a Windows 10 version. So far, however, the only one that could be achieved was the Android version, but finally we have good news for those who were waiting to get the running system of Microsoftbecause at last we have release date and is closer than we could imagine.

Starting tomorrow the Mi Pad 2 will also be available with Windows 10

In the months prior to its launch the rumor had circulated that the new My pad I was going to arrive with Windows 10 and that that was the main reason, in fact, why Xiaomi I was going to replace the Nvidia processor with an Intel. Given the popularity of the Windows tablets and dual boot in the Chinese low-cost sector, the truth is that it seemed a very plausible possibility and, indeed, although it has not meant that the Android version disappears, the version with the operating system of Microsoft It finally became a reality.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

We are not going to have to wait practically anything else, in addition, to be able to get hold of it, since Xiaomi announced tomorrow, day 26 of January, this new version will be put up for sale in China. Logically, we will still have to wait a bit for the first importers to let us know the conditions by which we can get hold of it in our country, but surely we will not take too long to have news. What we can say at the moment is that its official price is 1299 yuan, what they become about 180 euros to change (you know that you should expect the figure to rise here, in any case).

It is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to get a certain level tablet with Windows 10 (Although, of course, we must bear in mind that we should not expect anything similar to a Surface) and with an affordable price, since the quality / price ratio of the tablet of Xiaomi It is hard to match. We remind you, if you need to refresh your memory a little, that you have at your disposal all the information about the My Pad 2 in our coverage of your presentation.