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the first TWS headphones of the brand »ERdC

Realme Buds Air: the brand's first TWS headphones

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Really released its first true wireless headphones (TWS): the new ones Really Buds Air. This is the company's fourth audio accessory after the launch of the Buds, Buds2, Buds Wireless.

Specifications and characteristics of the Realme Buds Air

Design and sound

The company says that Realme Buds Air are Ergonomically designed in a semi open wayto. They claim that this design relieves the discomfort caused by in-ear headphones. Realme Buds Air has an imported LCP multilayer advanced composite diaphragm and a large 12mm sound unit.

The new TWS headphones use a Custom solution called Dynamic Bass Boost. This can provide powerful bass that enhance the immersive experience of watching movies and listening to music.

Call noise cancellation

The Realme Buds Air incorporate Two microphones for double microphone noise cancellation in calls. One of the microphones captures the human voice and the other captures the ambient sound, which are synthesized somewhat to compensate for the ambient noise and offer a clear conversation quality during calls.

Latency and connectivity

The product works with the high performance R1 processing chip which solves the problem of wireless audio latency. It is also compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol which effectively processes audio transmission and guarantees a latency extremely low

The company added that once Realme Buds Air is recognized by the phone, they connect instantly every time the case cover is opened.

In addition, the two headphones are connected to the phone synchronously to ensure perfect audio synchronization and keep the latency as low as possible. They come with a game mode that is intended to further reduce latency of wireless audio. The game mode can reduce latency by up to 51%. In addition, they add that, compared to competitors, it surpasses them with a common latency of only 120 ms.


As for autonomous, can offer 3 hours of continuous playback. Counting the capacity of the charging case, can offer up to 17 hours. Headphones support wireless charging and the housing is designed with an ergonomic shape. In the housing we have a single LED indicator and a type C port for cable charging.

Other features

The headphones come with intelligent posture detection and a built-in distance sensor. This allows them to detect when we put them on and remove them to pause or play the audio accordingly. Also support touch controls smart, such as playing twice to play / pause, play three times to skip the track, long press to activate Google Assistant for voice operation, etc.

Price of Realme Buds Air

Realme Buds Air are offered in three color options: yellow, black and white. Have a price equivalent to about 50 euros or 56 dollars. They will go on sale from today.

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