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The best deck with the battle ram in Clash Royale

This Friday comes a new letter to Clash Royale, is called Battle ram and it is a large trunk carried by two barbarians that costs 4 drops of elixir. We show you which are the best decks.

This is a special card so we recommend that you do not use it unless you have it at a decent level depending on the arena you are playing in, the most logical thing is that you use it at least tournament rules level, at level 7.

On January 10 an offer will be available in the store to buy a lot of letters from the Battle ram for gems, being a special card for 100 gems you can raise it to level 6 if you have the corresponding gold to go up it clear level.

Battle ram

battle ram

The new letter is composed of two barbarians carrying a large trunk, attack the nearest building and have cargo damage. What does this mean? Well, they act like the prince, if they manage to load they reach greater speed and the damage they will do to the tower will double Once they attack the tower or the rest of the cards they manage to take your trunk off the two barbarians will stay in the sand and continue to hurt.

The level of barbarians increases with the level of the card, being a common card they have two levels more than the special card itself, so if you have the Ram at level 7 the barbarians will be at level 9 and so on .

The best deck with the battle ram

battle hammer

The new card is more offensive than defensive, although at some point at the end of the game we can throw it in our tower to mislead rival cards and not attack our tower. The goal is for the large trunk to reach the loading tower and get to do significant damage, remember that if it arrives in charge it will do twice as much damage, you have to take into account that it will only make an attack and as soon as it is done it will lose the trunk that will give way to the barbarians.

To get the ram to arrive in charge we will have to launch small units that fire the tower or defensive cards and for this there is no better card than the tombstone or the trunk, so we carry both in the mallet, we combine it with a fast attack card such as the montapuertos and the lightning to clean the area of ??letters and incidentally damage the towers in an important way.

As defensive cards we will use the electric wizard that zaps the cards when it enters the arena, the executioner to clean especially small air and land units and the mega minion that will end the tanks that our rival may have.

A deck that is not very cheap, has an average elixir cost of 3.9, but is very effective especially in the last minute of the game when the elixir bends.

Decks with Battle Ram without legendary

battering ram without legendary

If you do not have any legendary card or you are missing any of the ones we have put in the previous deck, I will give you some alternatives of decks with Battle Ram without legendary. This deck is a variant of the so-called Zapbait which are present after the last update.

In this deck with the new card we don't carry any legendary card, the attack will be carried out mainly with the ice golem tanking to the battle ram and then throwing into the barrel of elves to do the maximum possible damage to the tower.

To defend we have a good handful of cards like the infernal tower to get rid of the large units, the army of skeletons, the discharge or the fireball, we also carry the discharge to help us both in attack and in defense. A relatively cheap mallet, of average elixir cost of 3.3, with which we will quickly cycle the cards to try to continuously disturb our rival.

Are you going to use the new card in your deck? Tell us what you think about the battle ram and if you have any mallet to play with this card that works well for you.