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The Apple Card is considered a lite card, but that is no advantage, but a problem

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Over the past few months, specifically since the Apple Card was finally launched to the market as one of Apple's latest adventures in services, we have seen how the new credit card has been making its way into dangerous terrain. As Goldman Sachs confirmed at the time, it was the most successful launch of a product of this class. Nevertheless, the new card did not arrive without getting rid of the controversy, with debates about their hiring.

But the problems do not stop when it is possible to hire the card successfully, and we do not simply refer to the way in which we have to keep the physical card to prevent it from deteriorating. Some merchants are upset because they have been forced to pay more commissions when making transactions with the Apple Card. Among them, certain merchants consider rejecting the use of these when making purchases. However, this problem is not limited to the Apple Card.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple Card It is considered as an Elite segment card, that is, the same to which the classic cards we know as Signature or Gold belong. What this means, is that the networks assume that their users will have a greater purchasing power, and therefore a greater expense than users of Other lower segments. Consequently, higher commissions are applied for the use of these, assuming that they will be compensated with the purchase value.

iPhone next to Apple Card

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The big drawback is that the purchases for which the Apple Card or other cards of this class are used in American stores do not compensate commissions They are paid for the transaction. Or at least, that's what they want us to see consumers. Luckily, the authorities have warned that they cannot discriminate cards from the same network, which means that if a store accepts MasterCard, such as the Apple Card, they accept them all, regardless of whether they are Elite or not.