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Tablets with a broken screen: Solutions for this problem


Tablets with a broken screen: Solutions for this problem

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February 4, 2016

The passage of time and use are two elements that, as we have mentioned on other occasions, end up having an impact on the life of our tablets and smartphones. Although today, the consumer electronics sector has evolved to give rise to more and more elaborated products in terms of their characteristics. and on the other hand, more resistant thanks to new designs that incorporate elements such as metal and that support without problems the passage of several years, it is inevitable that at some point they stop working.

However, our devices may also suffer accidents that, despite covering gravity at first and lead us to think that they have meant the end of the terminals, in the end they do not turn out to be so much and allow us to continue using them without too many inconveniences. The screen breakage It is one of the most important and common problems affecting portable media but nonetheless, it has a greater range of solutions. Next we offer you some options that you can choose in the event that your tablets have fallen to the ground and how to find out if they can continue to function normally after this event.

resistive tablet screen

The current screens

The panels of the tablets that are currently sold are very hard components if we compare them with those of the first generation of these media. Currently, most manufacturers use technologies as Corning Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail It reinforces the screens not only against falls, but also when it comes to receiving bumps or scratches since they are composed of several layers composed of resistant materials.

Problems that have no solution

When our device has fallen to the ground, if it has suffered screen breakage, the first thing we should do is check the damages that has undergone this component but on the other hand, check that it works normally since sometimes, the internal components can also be seen affected. In this case, the best option is to buy a new terminal since the recovery of the previous one is practically impossible. A very widespread topic that has a logical basis is the fact that if the impact falls either on the screen, or about the back case, the damage will be minor that if it falls on its side since, especially in the terminals that are still made up of plastic housings, the resistance is greater in the front and rear than in the corners.

Xperia Z3 Tablet compact water

1. Substitution

In recent years, numerous have emerged Internet platforms that put on sale different elements of all types of supports and it is possible to repair our devices on our own helped by a multitude of videos and tutorials posted on portals like YouTube. On the other hand, numerous chains of electronics establishments give the possibility of model repair for an amount that can vary significantly depending on their brand and, in many cases, does not end up being entirely profitable.

2. Use of other platforms

The tablets that are currently marketed, have multitude of ports which allow them to connect to other media such as televisions and computers. If we host a lot of content in the first ones and we have cables HDMI or other connections USB, it is possible to extend the useful life even though the panels are damaged by keeping them plugged into the larger platforms and reproducing the stored contents in them.

usb type c cable

3. Audio player

Although the screen is no longer useful, it is possible to keep the terminals with other functions with applications like Spotify. The fact that we cannot see content does not mean that we cannot listen to it, therefore, one more way to keep our old devices can go through the music. However, for many users it may be more convenient to use smaller media such as smartphones.

4. Keyboards and peripherals

When much of the panel or all of it does not respond and we cannot afford to acquire a new model, an economical and interesting option can go through the installation of components such as keyboards or speakers, available in a large number of models and prices. On the other hand, there are functions implemented in the operating systems such as voice commands to be able to execute a large number of orders without having to touch the screen.

Bluetooth adapter Keyboards

As you have seen, there are a variety of uses that we can give to our tablets when they break down and cannot work fully. A highly recommended advice is that if we decide to use the devices again after the break, it is best to eliminate all the elements that are not necessary to optimize in the aspect of the benefits all those functions that with the broken screen we cannot fully enjoy. After knowing other ways to continue extending the life of these devices, do you think that when the screen stops offering us everything we need, it is time to take strong measures such as replacing it or buying new terminals, or do you think they can be used without many inconveniences? You have more information available on the most common failures in other features such as the battery so you can know what affects the proper functioning of those supports that we use every day and that have become fundamental in our lives.