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Since December WhatsApp denounce those who do this

spam from whatsappspam from whatsapp

Whatsapp It is clear. You want to prevent users from using the platform abusively to annoy other users with mass message delivery. And I will do it through legal actions that have begun to be taken since last December 7.

users of this instant and free messenger application do not have
Limit on the messages you can send, however very different is
the situation for those who improperly use this tool the
situation from now on be different.

will they be denounced?

it is about those users / companies that use WhatsApp for the massive sending of links
malicious or who use it as a service to promote your business mansalva or
initiative to the point of becoming spam.

In fact, this type of practice is prohibited in the terms of service of the
platform, so since this month they have begun to sue those who do
improper use of the service.

Do you know who does it?

uses end-to-end encryption in your messages, so you don't know the content of
messages sent by users, but there are other ways to determine
when the rules are being broken.

platform has explained that it has three ways to recognize this type of
messages and users / companies. And that will be applying continuously to
Detect violators at any time.

One of
they are through the application of machine learning through which they can
detect when numerous messages are sent from an account in an amount
Very limited time.

they are also identifying them through blockages and reports that others
users make the platform, in addition to their own information that
users / companies that carry out these practices make themselves to
be promoted and that as soon as they are known by WhatsApp they are suspended in the

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