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ScummVM or how to play with graphic adventures on Android

There is a genre in the world of video games that has been with us almost since the beginning, we talked about graphic adventures, a style of play that had its golden age in the 80s and 90s.

After a few years where it has had a minor role, the shooters and consoles have done their thing, the graphic adventures have found a resurgence within the Android ecosystem. You could say that they live a second golden age on tablets, since their design and way of using is tailored for this type of games.

Just as there are emulators for consoles, to which we like graphic adventures, we saw the doors of paradise open the day we could run our favorite graphic adventures, on our computers first and then made the leap to our Android devices.

You may be surprised that a computer emulator is needed for something that was designed for them, but today's computers are so powerful that running software from 20 years ago becomes unfeasible. In addition, thanks to this need, the Android version of this "emulator" was developed, what is it called? We talk about ScummVM.

Enjoy your graphic adventures with ScummVM

Graphic adventures on Android

The name of ScummVM comes from Scumm Virtual Machine, what is scumm? If you are wondering this, you are too young or you have never been interested in graphic adventures.

Scumm comes from Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion, which is a mix of language and game engine for graphic adventures. It was created by LucasArts in principle for his first Maniac Mansion game. During the 80s and 90s it was used in many titles of the time, becoming a very popular graphic adventure engine.

In 2001, ScummVM was launched, which was initially a program to run LucasArts 'graphic adventures, but which over time has added compatibility with other developers' titles.

Without graphic adventures, there is no fun

Graphic adventures

We have everything ready to enjoy this genre, the way to play on Android from the emulator is not too complicated. These types of games were based on the use of the mouse, with which we have to press to move, talk and interact in the game environment.

We are facing a genre that has a lot of jewelry from video games


If we talk about graphic adventures there is a name that stands out above others, LucasArts. The LucasFilms production company needed its company to start developing videogames and to not depend on anyone, LucasFilms Games was created, which later changed its name to LucasArts. It can be considered that they took the art of cinema to the world of videogames, where in graphic adventures they knew how to make authentic works of art.

Day of the tentacle

  • Day of the tentacle: Also called Maniac Mansion 2, since its history continues a while after what happened in Maniac Mansion. A game in which we put ourselves in the shoes of three characters, each with their own puzzles and … everything you do in the past will impact the future.

Full throttle