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Pokmon GO celebrates San Valentn with a new event

For six days we can enjoy a new event of Pokémon GO which is celebrated by Valentine's Day, with more pink Pokémon, sweeter and more fun.

Although Nintendo is lately focused on the launch of its new game on Android and iOS, Fire Emblem, and preparing the arrival of Super Mario Run to our phones does not forget the franchise that has started this revolution, Pokémon GO.

In Niantic they continue to improve the game, although not as fast as many of their users would like but while they encourage us to continue opening the application by holding the events.

Pokémon GO celebrates Valentine's Day with a new event

The last one that arrives, at least for now, is Valentine's Day, which will give us six days of benefits to those of us who continue with the game installed on our mobile.

From February 8 to 15 when we capture a Pokémon or transfer it to the teacher we will get the double candy than normal and our partner Pokémon will be able to find candy twice as fast.

Pink Pokémon will now be easier to catch because more will appear. For example, Chansey or Clefable will be in places where they have not seen each other until now.

Ditto comes to Pokémon GO, but you won't see it until you capture it

On the other hand it will be more possible for others such as Cleffa, Igglybuff or Smoochum to appear from the eggs once they hatch in the incubators.

The last help is that the baits we use will last no less than six hours, so it will be easier to catch these creatures.

Pokemon money

Although the game has suffered a drop in players, the income remains incredible, which is why Niantic continues to create this type of celebration on the designated days of the year.