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Patch Notes 1.49 of the GTA V Title Update – The Diamond Casino Heist

Patch notes 1.49 of the GTA V title update – The Diamond Casino Heist – TecNews, your information portal

Start News Patch Notes 1.49 of the GTA V Title Update …

Platformspersonal computer, Playstation 4, Xbox One

Release dateDecember 12, 2019

Game EditionGTA Online – Next Generation

Prepare for the biggest, boldest and most complex criminal operation that has ever hit Los Santos: The Diamond Casino Heist, now available at GTA Online.

Infiltrating the most extravagant luxury and entertainment life complex in the entire state is not easy, and careful and comprehensive preparation is rewarded to achieve an unattainable goal: break the vault in The Diamond, steal everything and take revenge on the family Duggan

The Diamond Casino Heist

  • The Diamond Casino Heist It is a completely new approach to the architecture and execution of Heist: a great operation full of playability while working with the Cheng family to infiltrate the safest building in Los Santos.

  • Players can choose which approach they would like to choose from three: Aggressive, The Big Con or Silent & Sneaky. Each approach comes with its own unique preparation work that players must complete and complete in a final. Players can choose to hire specific crew members or complete additional preparation work to access several teams: the more time they spend preparing, the greater the chances of success.
    • Choose Silent and cunning Enter undetected and try to run away with the load before they know what to hit them.
    • Participate in the hoax by going The Big Con route and disguised as maintenance personnel, pest control or other contractors.
    • Or choose to go in arms burning with him Aggressive approach: just get ready to face greater resistance.
  • Expect the results for you and your crew to change on the fly as you face each new situation, leading to more options in the middle of the mission. Even if the best plans are put aside, you will have the opportunity to keep the mission afloat without failing to disperse with the remaining lives of your team, allowing the coup to be highly replayable with new scenarios that develop every time.

New property: Retro Arcade Business

  • In order to plan the biggest robbery perpetrated in Los Santos, Heist's crew leaders will establish a new unexpected trading company as a front, a Commercial Property Retro Arcade covering the neurological center where Heist's operations are performed and tested.
  • Players buy the Arcade in an abandoned condition and work to renovate the space and turn it into a legitimate business to earn money. Players can choose from a variety of 14 Arcade games: the more games players have in their Arcade, the higher their total winnings will be.
  • While the business is running upstairs, in the basement area players can plan The Diamond Casino Heist, practice hacking keyboards or slam doors, store equipment and escape vehicles. Existing business owners can add a Master control terminal to handle all current operations.

New vehicles

New vehicles have been added to GTA Online (more in the coming weeks):

Now you can buy and have 6 existing vehicles through the Warstock Cache and Carry website:

  • Fire station ($ 2,471,250 – $ 3,295,000)
  • Burrito Bugstars ($ 450,000 – $ 598,500)
  • LSDWP Boxville ($ 298,500 – $ 398,000)
  • Palisade ($ 1,680,000 – $ 2,240,000)
  • Lifeguard ($ 865,000)
  • Lifeguard Blazer ($ 62,000)

New weapons

Two new weapons were added to GTA Online:

Ceramic gun

Naval revolver

Other title update notes

  • 12 new Arcade games have been added that players can buy for their Arcade in GTA Online:
    • Arcade Cabinets:
      • Badlands Revenge II
      • Race And Chase: Street Legal
      • Race and persecution: get Truckin '
      • Race and chase: crotch rockets
      • The wizard's ruin
      • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad
    • Physical arcade games:
      • Bright Wasabi Kitty Claw
      • Nazar speaks
      • Love teacher
    • Original Degenatron Games:
      • Defender of the faith
      • The monkey's paradise
      • Penetrator
  • There are two existing Arcade games available for players to purchase for their Arcade in GTA Online:
    • Street crimes
    • Invade and persuade II
  • More than 50 clothing items for male and female characters were added in GTA Online
  • More than 40 tattoos for male and female characters were added in GTA Online
  • More than 30 new prizes related to Casino Heist DLC have been added
  • Six new player actions have been added to GTA Online:
    • Call me
    • Respect
    • Air drums
    • Coin Throw and Throw
    • Explosion
    • Mind blown
  • A new radio station called "iFruit Radio" has been added to Story Mode and GTA Online.
  • 50 signers were added to find throughout the map. Destroy them reward the player with cash and RP, and unlock Avi Schwartzman as a member of the support team at The Diamond Casino Heist.

New features and updates: PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • Changes have been made to the "Kill yourself" option in the Interaction menu:
    • Kill Yourself now has a 5 minute cooldown
    • "Kill Yourself" is now unavailable for 1 minute after killing another player
  • A request cooldown of 5 minutes has been implemented for the Oppressor Mk II if it has been requested or destroyed
  • A new "Automatic invitation to everyone in session" option has been added to the interaction menu, available to players when they are inside their nightclub, game room or casino casino.
  • The frequency with which players receive calls and text messages from contacts in Freemode has been reduced




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