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Our preferred weather application disappears from Google Play

Bad times for all of us who enjoyed Weather Timeline, one of the simplest and most original time applications of all that have been developed. If you didn't know her, we are sorry to tell you that you missed your chance: the app has disappeared from the Google Play Store.

Yes, Weather Timeline disappeared from the Android store. He has not had any problem with Google for violating the publication policies, the reasons for its disappearance are other. Simply, the developer cannot afford the access to the Api that provides the weather data.

We often talk about the low benefit that payment applications get on Android, Weather Timeline It is a new example. Although this application of time has had more than decent success, with more than 100,000 downloads who have paid their amount (1.5 euros for their last price in the store), the developer can not afford the costs due to the small number of users who are currently buying it.

Weather Timeline disappears for new users, but remains accessible to those who bought it

Our preferred weather app disappears from Google Play

We love Weather Timeline precisely because it is different. It does not use large meteorological animations, nor does it insist on filling the screen with a huge amount of data. On the contrary, his Design Material Design and its minimalism allow to find out the forecasts with a simple glance.

As we say, only if you had already bought it will you be able to access the application. The developer of Weather Timeline, Sam Ruston, Will maintain the use of the app for those who have already purchased it. This implies that your Material design will continue on our Android forever; or while you can maintain access to the Api of the meteorological data.

Sam says he has not found a feasible formula to keep Weather Timeline on Google Play and available to new buyers. Neither the subscription model nor relaunch the application seemed suitable solutions, so it has decided close new users (the flow of purchases was too small). A pity, the application is a great little wonder.

Apps not only cost to develop, but also to maintain them. Something unattainable for a small developer

As David Ruddock rightly points out on his Twitter, the costs of keeping an application standing may be higher than developing it from scratch. This means that small developers have to move away from projects that involve long-term maintenance, something that significantly limits innovation since large companies usually risk as little as possible.

That an application of the caliber of Weather Timeline It not only implies a loss for future users, it is also a loss of freshness in an increasingly homogeneous Android store. If you were one of those who, like us, bought it at the time, take the opportunity to enjoy it daily. Hopefully Sam Ruston doesn't have to eliminate it completely.