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Notes & PDF, turn your iPad into a notebook and use your Imagination

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You walk down the street and you need to quickly write down a note, a sketch, an image that you have seen and do not want to forget. You put your hand in your pocket looking for a pen, a pencil and you can't find it. In addition, you have no paper to write it down. Do not hesitate, you need the app GoodNotes – Notes & PDF. With GoodNotes – Notes & PDF for iPad you will have that pen and that pencil you did not find. Do not you believe it? Keep reading and convince yourself.

GoodNotes – Notes & PDF. Write your ideas on the iPad by hand

GoodNotes – Notes & PDF for iPad will become your personal digital notebook. The app offers various models of notebooks with its covers and types of sheets, striped, squared, blank folio and, even, sheet music for musical notes. In a simple way, when creating a notebook, the app allows you to choose on what type of paper you want to write and what notebook cover you want to use. And if you already have the document in PDF format, you can also open it from online storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive, or from your own photo reel.

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Once the notebook is created, you can make free text annotations on your iPad using the specific annotation tools such as pen and marker, both with the possibility of selecting the pointer thickness and color. You can write, using your finger or a pointer, draw freely on any page of your notebook, being able to add other objects such as images and text boxes.

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And if you don't have a rule but you need to draw straight lines, don't worry !; The polygon tool will help you draw them freehand by converting them later into lines, squares, ellipses, circumferences … Your iPad turned into a drawing board! Also with GoodNotes – Notes & PDF podrs read PDF documents and annotate them using the same tools you have used freehand.

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Have you expressed your idea but need to change some element of site? Don't worry, the selection tool will allow you to change those elements and place them where you need them. And you can search for any text in your notebooks or documents either from the text included in the PDF document or the one you wrote down t.

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When you have finished writing down your ideas, you can store your notebooks or documents directly in the online storage services and dispose of them at any time. You can also send it by email to your friends and colleagues and export it to PDF for use on other platforms.

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Video of GoodNotes – Notes & PDF for iPad:

GoodNotes – Notes & PDF is one of the best freehand annotation apps you can find for your iPad. Its clear and intuitive interface allows you to quickly take advantage of this great app and generate documents with annotations that you can share with your friends and colleagues easily, making the most of the online storage tools. Remember that you need to have at least iOS 5.0 to use this great app.

What are you waiting for to install and test it?

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