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NASA's X-59 jet is ready for final assembly

For some time now, NASA has been building an experimental X-59 aircraft for the purpose of making super-commercial commercial trips, now, and after much effort, the final assembly of the areo vehicle has been authorized.

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The X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology (QueSST), designed by Lockheed Martin, will be able to take its first flight in 2021 and is important because it is NASA's first large-scale piloted X plane in more than three decades. Its objective has since been to reduce the volume of the boom boom.

The idea is that the X-59 just make the noise that makes the door of a car when it closes when flying over 940 MPH, that will mean that it will be practically inaudible.

The construction of this aircraft had a cost, plus incentives, a $ 247.5 million contract fee, continues to the Lockheed Martin Company Skunk Works Aeronautics factory in Palmdale, California.

NASA will test the X-59 in select communities in the United States to gather comments, as it has done with the F / A-18 Hornet plane over Galveston, Texas.

These tests will help establish new rules for air transportation.

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