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Motorola prepares flagship with SD865 and mid-range with SD765 by 2020 »ERdC

Motorola prepares flagship with SD865 and mid-range with SD765 by 2020

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Motorola has had some complications to find a place in the competitive smart device market that is currently presented. After successes that he had at the beginning as the Droid; He stayed behind competitors like Samsung and OnePlus. After focusing on more affordable Smartphone in recent years; Motorola stated that returning to the market for high-end devices in 2020. For them, will use the new Snapdragon processors manufactured by Qualcomm.

In recent years, while Motorola has been under the Lenovo company; high-end Smartphone has not been the priority. Even in the last two years, Motorola has not launched a Star Smartphone that is really competitive in the market. In 2018 he launched the Moto Z3; The device was equipped with a Snapdragon 835 processor. This year the Moto Z4 resigned from the Snapdragon 675.

Processors to be used by the next Motorola Smartphone

At the Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit in Maui, Motorola announced plans to launch new flagship devices by 2020. According to certain reports, you will have the latest processor Snapdragon 865 from Qualcomm; and offer 5G connectivity. The Moto Z series of smart phones “premium” of the firm disintegrated after the Moto Z4; and we could probably see a sequel to that, but this time with a Snapdragon 865.

The future device will also use the processor Snapdragon 765. Sergio Buniac of Motorola through statements express the following; The future Motorola device will also run the Snapdragon 765. "Thanks to the new technologies announced today, we will have new premium products to announce in early 2020." These statements were made on the stage of the Snapdragon summit in Hawaii. The company plans to launch products worldwide with the Snapdragon 765.

We hope that Motorola can bring us many new surprises during the next year. For any new information we will be attentive to keep you updated.


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