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More than 350,000 Apps Optimized for iPad

It is no secret that the platform that has more applications adapted for tablets is the iPad. No other competitor is approaching in number and quality of the applications that the App Store offers adapted to this type of support and it seems that they will not do so in the short term.

Apple is aware of this and whenever they can take advantage to get more muscle and show off. During the presentation of economic results presentation of the second fiscal quarter, Tim Cook mentioned that they have about 350,000 applications optimized for the iPad and also commented that the supply of competition is insufficient and too small.

Tim Cook mocks the competition for the few apps optimized for tablets that offer

Apple's main competitor in this market is Android. The Google platform has long been present on tablets, even the Android developer itself has launched several tablet models. Even so, developers have not responded by creating apps optimized for them and today the number that is adapted is very small. The clearest example can be found in the Play Store, where the optimized apps section for tablets shows just 100 different. The reality is that there are more applications, but they are not cataloged within this category and the total number is unknown. However, the reality is that the total number is far from that of the App Store.

Of course, Apple's advantage in this regard is very clear, although it seems that Google is taking steps to turn the tortilla around. The aforementioned category of the Play Store has been running for a short time, so it is still in continuous growth. Also now Google allows developers to upload screenshots to the Play Store of their apps running on 7 and 10-inch tablets. This could favor that they adapt their apps to these screen sizes, with the intention of gaining greater visibility and that in a while the platform manages to increase the number of apps for tablets available in an important way.

On the other hand, Google has also promised an app filtering system for the buyer in the Play Store. So it could be a motivation for developers to adapt their apps to tablets and get a higher share of users, more sales or, in the case of apps with advertising, more revenue through ads.

As they say on Tabletzona, these measures will eventually favor Google and the entire Android tablet sector and Cook's words may be totally unfortunate within a few months. Although there is no doubt, today, Cook is absolutely right in the world: Apple is far superior in this regard, at least for now.

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