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Listen to your podcasts without applications

The Play Store has hundreds of applications that are usually intended for the same purpose, something that usually stifles us by not knowing which one of them perfectly meets our requirements, although the best is always what is very easy to use and that does not require more. Something similar that can be seen with Android that increasingly includes functions that were previously only possible through third-party applications, such as night light, which before being an integrated function depends on applications such as Twilight.

Google regularly adds new features to its ecosystem applications, and for some time the function oflisten and download podcasts directly from the Google app. However, many of us do not know how to use this function, which is very practical and simple for those of us who listen to podcasts. The most interesting thing is that thanks to the application of Google, which is in all Android smartphones and even in iOS when it is downloaded of course, allows us to eliminate the need to use third-party applications, such as Pocket Casts in Android and similar applications.

In order to use this function, we must simply search on Google but at the end of our search the word must be writtenpodcast so that the application shows us the podcast if it is available and we can make a subscription, streaming and even download it.

We can also add the podcast to our home screen, simply by clicking on the three points and touching the wordmain screenAnd voila, we will have direct access to the podcast.

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