Install the Xiaomi Galley in its Oreo version

Install the Xiaomi Galley in its Oreo version

Thanks to the support of people who like the content of applications for their mobile devices, today we bring nothing more and nothing less than the official application of the Xiaomi galley in its Android oreo version.

Lately the devices no longer have their own applications such as galley and even some music player since these have been replaced by Google photos or play music applications, now with this application you can have a galley in your terminal without any problem which belongs to the Xiaomi and you can install it like any apk.

Just go to the link that we will leave which will take you to a direct download in Mega, download the apk format, enable unknown backgrounds and install it, this gallery is very simple since they offer you any possible feature and tool for your images as well as An order in your storage very good.

The application weighs approximately 24MB so you should keep in mind before installing it as well as it has been tested on many Motorola devices and other brands so without a doubt this will have no problem on any device older than Android 5.0 onwards.

Download here