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Instagram now indicates if information is false

Instagram has decided to take action against fake news and hoaxes, so we warn if an information is false through a message that covers the content, either a photo or video on the timeline, or even in the Stories.

Instagram has long verified fake information for US users, and now reaches the rest of the world, including Spain and Latin America.

Quiz to avoid controversies, Instagram has hired a series of independent verifiers They decide if a publication is false, or partially false. In some cases, the same content becomes reviewed by several different verifiers.

This is what the "Fake Information" notice on Instagram looks like:

Image - Instagram now indicates if information is false

We have found that example in a photo that encourages the wheel valves to be cut, stating that they allow the government to track our location using RFID tags.

It is clearly false information, not only because governments do not use that system, but cutting the valves will render the wheels useless, and an RFID tag will not really serve to geolocate a car:

Image - Instagram now indicates if information is false

Much of the false information is more complex, including news from political parties and companies that seek to influence public opinion, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

If we click on "See cause" in these situations we will see Who has verified the facts, and a brief explanation of the problem in the publication:

Image - Instagram now indicates if information is false

Instagram take advantage of its functions image recognition to detect variants of the same bulo, and the information marked as false on Facebook will also be applied on Instagram.

The company has not entered into many details about how it decides which photos or videos need to be checked, it only indicates that it is based on a combination of user complaints and its own technology.

In addition, in the search engine and the "Explore" section will stop displaying accounts that have disseminated false information in the past, especially if they are repeat offenders.

Today we have seen the new mode "Design" for Stories, so it seems that Instagram is still working on adding new features slowly but continuously.

Avoiding false information is not only important for users, but for the social network business itself. Instagram revenue comes mainly from advertising, and advertisers don't like to see their brands alongside hoaxes, fake news or other contentious content.

In the end, we all benefit, because bulos become less frequent on Instagram, just like WhatsApp has been filtering the fake news in the elections, at least in some countries.

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