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If Apple eliminates the Lightning connection of the iPhone in 2021, return the missing AirPower base?

AirPower canceled

The most famous failure of Apple in this 2019 has undoubtedly been the AirPower wireless charging base. Apple presented it along with the iPhone X, that is, in 2017 and more than a year later, it canceled the device, claiming that it does not meet our high quality standards.

It might be too early for the AirPower base, remember that it was a full load surface in which we can leave the iPhone, Apple Watch or AirPods in any position and will be loaded. In addition, the base share the charging data of the device devices with each other by displaying them on the iPhone.

So far, everything is normal, it is a failure, but we spent page and point, it was not such an important device, however in the last weeks everything could have changed. One of Apple's top analysts has reported that in 2021 the iPhone will no longer have a charging connection, neither Lightning nor USC-C, and Charge only wirelessly. Which indirectly means that Apple must offer its own wireless charger, be the resurrection of AirPower?

The AirPower may return, or not

If Apple chooses to launch an iPhone without ports that is charged exclusively wirelessly, it is necessary to accompany a wireless charger in the box. The issue is If this charger will be as advanced as it promises to be the AirPower base or be a normal charger.


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In the year 2021 it will have been many years since the cancellation of the device, so it could be a good time to try again, that s Apple should not stumble twice with the same stone and in that case the device should work perfectly.

There are reasons to think that this can be so since the technology that we will have then it could be much more advanced than the one that forced AirPower to cancel. He overheating and interference were the main reasons why the base did not go to market and could be solved after years of investigation and without the pressure of having to launch the device as soon as possible.

Only the future will tell us if we see an AirPower base again or not, but what seems certain is that Apple wants a 100% wireless device without ports, and for that you need a charger up to par.