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Huawei P40 Pro will not have Google services

Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei; Make some of the best phones that exist.


While the company effectively prohibits doing business with US companies, their phones will be almost useless to everyone outside of China.

Unfortunately, it goes to the company's next smartphone, the P40 Pro. According to Huawei CEO Richard Yu, (via Frandroid), the company will launch the phone at the end of next March, therefore, a month later of the Mobile World Congress, which will take place at the end of February, and will not have Google Services on board.

Huawei's latest flagship, the Mate 30 Pro, suffered the same fate.

For users in China

This is not important. For most users in other places, it means that the phone will not come with Gmail, Maps or even Play Store, which makes it a rather horrible user experience unless you use several hacks to install them, usually in a roundabout , horribly hostile to the user way.

The P40 Pro

It will probably be a good device, in terms of hardware. Yu says he will have a “never seen” design, longer battery life, faster performance and improved photo quality.

Its predecessor, the Huawei P30 Pro (the last important phone launched by Huawei that had Google services on board), It was at that time one of the best smartphones I could buy, with an incredibly versatile and powerful camera.

Yu also said that the P40 Pro will have Android 10 on board, as well as the company's EMUI user interface.