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How to use Google Assistant real-time translation on iPhone

Google Assistant ios iPhone

The good thing about having an iPhone is that you can enjoy the three best virtual assistants that exist today: Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, the Google solution usually has better results in information searches, Siri is faster in everyday tasks and Alexa is compatible with countless devices.

However, Google Assistant has just introduced a function in its iOS app that makes its download almost mandatory. It's about the real-time translation into another language, supports up to 44 different languages. A function that came a few months ago to Android devices and now we can also enjoy.

How to use Google Assistant real-time translation on iPhone

First of all you should know that you will have to have the latest Assistant update installed on your iPhone and that in addition should have internet connection for this real-time translation to work. If you meet these requirements, you can translate a conversation in real time thanks to this app and your iPhone.

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To activate Google Assistant real-time translation follow these steps.

  • Open the Google Assistant app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Press the microphone below or say "Ok, Google".
  • Gave: "Help me speak English", or any other supported language.
  • Will start on Interpreter mode, every sentence you say appears written and translated into the other language, also be heard to make the conversation easier.
  • You can select different options such as automatic mode, manual or typing Each phrase.

Google Assistant interpret mode

Now you can communicate anywhere in the world without having to speak English, French, German, Portuguese or any of the languages ??that support real-time translation of Google Assistant.