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How to play the same music on several Android at the same time


How to play the same music on several Android at the same time

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January 25, 2016

Sound on tablets

The consolidation of smartphone wave tablet as a personal reference device, it is forcing firms that wish to endeavor to innovate enormously a good audio broadcast. Sony, by tradition, and HTC, by conviction, seem the manufacturers with the greatest effort to develop this facet in their mobile terminals native way, although you can always use peripheral accessories.

An element that currently gives a very good result is the Chromecast, especially if we associate it with services such as Google Play Music, Spotify or YouTube. However, from the moment that several people gather in a house, what they are not going to be missing are mobile phones and, sometimes, tablets. With the tool we are talking about today, you can create a set sound system with all your terminals strategically placed.

SoundSeeder: download and installation

Although initially the app is advertised as free, to get the most out of it we must invest 3.69 euros in it, since the basic version only allows two devices to be combined in playback and also limits the time of use. Buying SoundSeeder We will also get rid of something intrusive advertising in its free interface.

SoundSeeder - Synchronized Music Playback

SoundSeeder - Synchronized Music Playback

Either way, we recommend carrying out before a test of the service to ensure that it works properly and that you are pleased in all its functionality.

Linking the terminals through WiFi

Any smartphone, tablet, speaker or even Windows PC or any GNU / Linux distribution (thanks to this extension) can become potential music players. We just have to make sure that all of them remain connected to it WiFi network and add them as new speakers with a main terminal, creating a synchronized sound chain and overcoming the more than possible limitations of a phone or tablet in terms of volume and scope.

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SoundSeeder is an app in permanent development and although right now it is oriented mainly to the reproduction of local content, it has added support for YouTube in one of his latest updates.